What do you mean, you can’t see the color blue?

My wife and I often see color differently. I see something as red and she sees purple, among a few other colors. We just don’t see the same colors and I have been curious why this is. Recently I came across this video, “Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue,” on cultural effects that can fortify how people perceive colors.

It turns out language trains our brains to see color differently.

As a college instructor, I found this video enlightening. Knowledge doesn’t fall from the sky, and well, neither do people.  We all come from specific places, inhabit specific roles, do different kinds of work, have different kinds of education, and live, dress, and speak in different ways. Learning is shaped by who we are; our status and roles, the culture we live and breathe, and the things we’ve experienced throughout life.  And, it seems, the language we speak.

The video is short (6:39 min), but if you don’t want to watch the entire video, start at 4:55. I thought this was the most fascinating.


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