Change Page Title Without Changing the Navigation Bar in WordPress (Unos Theme)

Recently I decided I wanted to change the title of my Blog page. But I did not want to change the navigation bar title.

I am using the WordPress Unos Theme (free version).

I thought this would be an easy thing to do. After looking around my setting and trying a few things – nothing worked. I looked online for some advice. I did find a couple of sites that I thought would be useful. They were not using the same WordPress theme so the screenshots were slightly different. But I thought I was on to something, still nothing worked.

I could be missing something, but I don’t think the Unos theme supports what I was trying to do. Perhaps if I upgraded, I would have more customization options. That was not something I wanted to do.

Here was my workaround:

From Pages, choose the page you want to edit. I wanted to edit my blog title.

Since I could change the blog title without also changing the navigation bar title, I added the additional text in the Text Editor.

Not exactly what I was going for, but it works for now.

If you have another solution, I would love to hear from you.

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