My mother-in-law is in her 80’s. She has been using computers for a long while, but still, modern technology causes her some confusion. Her laptop was somewhat older and would take it’s time starting up. It was running Windows 10 when it was built for Windows 7. It was sluggishContinue Reading

Do you want a second monitor, but you don’t have a lot of desk space? And, wouldn’t it be nice if the monitor was portable just like your laptop – you might be working in the office, the kitchen or even your camper van! I use the AOC I1601C USBContinue Reading

I have been using ZoomIt for about 6 years. It is my go-to zoom and drawing tool. I have tried a few others, but always return to Zoomit. Mainly because of all it can do in one tiny program. Zoomit from Microsoft Sysinternals is a useful screen-zooming and annotating toolContinue Reading