My wife and I often see color differently. I see something as red and she sees purple, among a few other colors. We just don’t see the same colors and I have been curious why this is. Recently I came across this video, “Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue,”Continue Reading

When I ask my students or audience what level they think they are with an application (Word, for example), they will often tell me they are expert. They have been writing papers in Word for several years, after all. But just having done something for “X” years doesn’t automatically makeContinue Reading

Getting out of my comfort zone. A reminder on what it feels like to learn. Sometimes we plan on digging deep, other times it catches us by surprise. That was the case recently when I decided to get a HAM radio license. The entry level exam is the Technician ClassContinue Reading

During this time that it is advised you self-quarantine, what are you suppose to do with yourself? You can search the internet and find many suggestions. Here are a few that I like: Learn something new (sign up for my free class – Excel Basics: Learn While Creating a PersonalContinue Reading

With an increase in growth of social media, there is an increased need for good writing skills. Blogs and other “media” require both useful content and good writing to attract and keep readers. The fundamentals of good writing are simple: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. By mastering the rules andContinue Reading

I have been teaching an online class for a couple of years now at a local community college. I have my students introduce themselves on our discussion board and I always have several students who are new to an online class. Of course, they express fears and concern. There areContinue Reading

“You don’t understand, I haven’t used a computer before.” “I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years.” “My job didn’t require the use of a computer.” “I didn’t grow up around computers.” I teach a class, Intro to PC Applications, at a local community college. This class covers theContinue Reading