At my previous job as an IT Trainer, there were days when not a lot was going on. I would use this slow time to wander the halls, mainly to remind people that I was there. Software training is one of those things that most people feel they don’t haveContinue Reading

“Yeah, like right now,” you say?! I’ve got a playlist (tutorial) for you on my YouTube channel. I start from the absolute beginning and work with simply formulas, then move on to some basic, but common functions. I end with a slightly more advanced function. I’m certain that by theContinue Reading

During this time that it is advised you self-quarantine, what are you suppose to do with yourself? You can search the internet and find many suggestions. Here are a few that I like: Learn something new (sign up for my free class – Excel Basics: Learn While Creating a PersonalContinue Reading

Did You Know? A worksheet is organized into a grid of cells, which are formed by the intersection of rows and columns. Rows are identified by numbers. Row numbers can range from 1 to 1,048,576. Column labels are identified by letters and start with A to Z. After Z, theContinue Reading

Here is a great tip to save you some time when entering phone numbers into Excel. When entering a phone number into a cell, it is faster to just type the number without the dashes or parenthesis. You can format a cell to automatically format the phone number for you.Continue Reading

Excel. Chances are, that word alone stirs visions of lengthy spreadsheets and budgets with complicated formulas and charts. It is true—Excel has become the standard in offices for pretty much anything that requires management of large amounts of data. But, if you think Excel is only good for making you cross-eyedContinue Reading

My years working as an IT trainer, I’ve helped with many issues. One of the most common had to do with data entry and knowing what heading (column) the data was being added to.   My office had a conference table that could seat 4 people comfortably. I often had whatContinue Reading