I have been using ZoomIt for about 6 years. It is my go-to zoom and drawing tool. I have tried a few others, but always return to Zoomit. Mainly because of all it can do in one tiny program. Zoomit from Microsoft Sysinternals is a useful screen-zooming and annotating toolContinue Reading

At my previous job as an IT Trainer, there were days when not a lot was going on. I would use this slow time to wander the halls, mainly to remind people that I was there. Software training is one of those things that most people feel they don’t haveContinue Reading

“Yeah, like right now,” you say?! I’ve got a playlist (tutorial) for you on my YouTube channel. I start from the absolute beginning and work with simply formulas, then move on to some basic, but common functions. I end with a slightly more advanced function. I’m certain that by theContinue Reading

When I ask my students or audience what level they think they are with an application (Word, for example), they will often tell me they are expert. They have been writing papers in Word for several years, after all. But just having done something for “X” years doesn’t automatically makeContinue Reading

Getting out of my comfort zone. A reminder on what it feels like to learn. Sometimes we plan on digging deep, other times it catches us by surprise. That was the case recently when I decided to get a HAM radio license. The entry level exam is the Technician ClassContinue Reading

During this time that it is advised you self-quarantine, what are you suppose to do with yourself? You can search the internet and find many suggestions. Here are a few that I like: Learn something new (sign up for my free class – Excel Basics: Learn While Creating a PersonalContinue Reading

Yes, you read that correctly. How to draw a fox in Microsoft Word. I know, Word is a serious program, a word processing application used for creating documents. But let’s face it, Word is also used for creating the office flyer about the the upcoming birthday celebration or the St.Continue Reading