Why Forevermore? Because you never stop learning.
For-ev-er-more (fôr ev′ər môr′) For eternity; for always; continually.

Micki Harris
Micki Harris


I worked as an IT trainer for over 20 years – for a wide range of organizations from community centers, community colleges, the Colorado Judicial Branch and a large law firm. During those years as an IT trainer, Technology trainer, Instructor – whatever the title may have been, I gained a lot of experience in many different programs, platforms and devices. I’ve created so many Excel spreadsheets, training manuals, and PowerPoint presentations, that I can’t even put a number to it.
I also have experience in classroom training, online delivery, and content development.

    • I have my MBA from Colorado Technical University
    • I have a MicroMasters from UMUC in Instructional Design & Technology
    • I continuously update my education on software applications, social media, adult education, instructional design, and training techniques.
    • I also enjoy teaching at a local community college as a part-time instructor in the CIS department.

In my free time, I love to ride my bike, whether it is mountain biking, cyclocross, a gravel grinder or just riding to the grocery store. I ride for the Willa’s Wheels team. We help raise awareness for the Ray of Hope Foundation. They support Coloradians with cancer who are having trouble with the basic
necessities of living – such as; rent, groceries, or mortgage.

Willa’s Wheels | Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation

If you see a cyclist with Willa’s Wheels on their jersey, give them a big shout out!!

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Willa’s Wheels


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