A second portable monitor you can take anywhere

Do you want a second monitor, but you don’t have a lot of desk space?

And, wouldn’t it be nice if the monitor was portable just like your laptop – you might be working in the office, the kitchen or even your camper van!Working in camputer van th laptop and AOC USB monitor

Working at kitchen table with laptop and AOC USB monitor

I use the AOC I1601C USB monitor and it checks all the boxes.

I just recently purchased the AOC I1601C.  This model is slim and light – according to the specs, it is just 8.5 mm thick and weighing 800 g.

And It has a full HD resolution – 1920×1080. The screen size is 15.6 inches.

It comes with a Smart Cover that protects your display from dirt or damage when toting it around.

The smart cover is also the screen holder, in portrait or landscape mode.

monitor in landscape position

It comes with its own carrying case. But depending on your laptop bag, you can probably just put it in there with only the smart cover on.

monitor fitting into padded cover

It is powered by a USB-C cable. The USB-C technology is both the power and the display signal to the screen. So, just one cable to keep track of.

USB plugged into side of monitor

For my setup, it was just a matter of plugging it in. My laptop automatically detected the monitor.

AOC does have slightly different models of portable monitors, depending on what you need.

There is the I1601FWUX, which is very similar spec wise to this one, but has low blue light technology.

The I16FWUX has the USB 3 connection.

And then there is the newest 16T2 – Micro-HDMI and USB-C connections, plus it has an audio output and speakers.

This is not a paid advertisement and there are other USB monitors out there. The AOC has never failed me and I love always having a second monitor with me. This is actually my second AOC monitor and I haven’t had any problems with either one.

Here is the link to AOC’s website for more information: https://us.aoc.com/en/monitors/portable

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